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Uber disrupted transportation.

Netflix disrupted entertainment.

Venmo disrupted financial services.

“Wheels on a suitcase” disrupted the luggage industry.

And now, three years after the start of the pandemic, as the nation anticipates the post-COVID way of working…

…MKHSTRY arrives to disrupt the 153-year-old, nearly $300 billion advertising and marketing industry.

You’re “one idea away…from history.”

Jeff Charney, the 2021 “Ad Age 2021 Brand CMO of the Year” has shared this philosophy hundreds of times in his three decades as a Fortune 500, award-winning CMO. The high-energy innovator has not only unleashed the creative spirit in consumers, customers and employees, but he has also worked to help drive some of the most historic and iconic characters and campaigns in marketing today.

After leaving corporate America earlier in 2022 at the top of his game, Charney offers this “one idea away” challenge to companies, brands and individuals with the launch of MKHSTRY. This first-of-its-kind national marketing collective will work with brave, invitation-only corporations, advertising agency leaders and individuals to accelerate and modernize existing pre-pandemic marketing and advertising models to make results-driven marketing history.  The unique collective is part accelerator/lab for industry-changing ideas, part creative partner/agency catalyst and part lifestyle brand.

The new company combines up-to-the-minute best practices with innovative engagement testing and technology models to drive creativity and gauge bravery. And best of all, the new model has you working from home.  Charney, who developed and refined these practices over the past two decades, is poised to share his experience and success in a format that could drive broader, transformative industry change.

Much more about MKHSTRY can be found in the launch announcement (see “Press” section). Below are 10 high-level ways the MKHSTRY collective differs from today’s existing ad agency/marketing consultancy models.

1. Proprietary MHI

It utilizes the innovative MKHSTRY Index© (MHI), a pre-engagement mutual bravery barometer index that gauges client/agency risk tolerance, relevance, flexibility and ability to evaluate and perpetuate change. Developed and refined by Charney over two decades, the MHI has proven highly effective in identifying and inspiring “one idea away” clients and developing launch-ready concepts.

2.  4-C focused

MKHSTRY introduces a focused 4-C approach (C + C + C = C) to transforming traditional marketing:

  1. Coaching the new game-changing model and mindset – immersive speaking “with” clients/audiences and not “at” them; plus
  2. Consolidating the existing external agency model with the formation of an innovative internal/in-house model; plus
  3. Code-cracking creative between the two entities, applying the modern-day creator economy principles and the latest Web3, Metaverse, blockchain, etc.  paractices; equals
  4. The fourth C, Cultural relevance in the external market, balanced with internal cultural impact among existing – and potential – employees and customers.

3.  More efficient

There are no buildings, no offices and no walls. There’s also no holding company bureaucracy –the only overhead is what’s inside our heads.

4.  CMO-designed

The just-in-time scalable collective was developed and designed by Charney, a CMO who left the corporate world at the top of his game because he loves the industry and wants to work with (not against) it to drive change.

5.  Internal/External agency “FIT

Maximizes/meshes the strengths of both the external creative agency and the internal agency (and helps create internal agencies, if necessary) as a partnership that delivers bottom-line results.

6.  A culture catalyst in a brick and mortarless world

In a non-brick and mortar world, MKHSTRY provides the all-important cultural glue to galvanize and mobilize both brand and corporate culture at a time when companies need it most.

7. Maximizes modern marketing relevance

Because MKHSTRY is idea/concept-based vs. campaign-based, it focuses on quickly “putting” brands firmly and quickly on the cultural map.

8. Utilizes most current technology

MKHSTRY evolves further away from existing print, radio, TV and digital models--discovering more efficient means to drive content in the creator economy, blockchain, Web 3, AI, and Metaverse worlds.

9. Invitation-only

MKHSTRY is an invitation-only business that the right individuals, companies and brands will find, versus the more inefficient RFP model that currently exists.

10. The 1st rule of “Fight Club” is don’t talk about “Fight Club”

From a current client roster perspective, MKHSTRY bucks the outdated, self-serving ad agency “chest beating” tradition— with a constant barrage of press releases, parading MKHSTRY’s expanding line of clients in the media .  In fact, a core tenant  of MKHSTRY's model is a joint agreement between the Collective and its clients to keep their partnership CONFIDENTIAL.  That way, it doesn’t publicly signal to the client’s competitors that such a seismic industry disruption will soon occur.  MKHSTRY firmly believes that actual market results will speak louder than talking to the press about potential results.    

Bonus #11:

A company that gives back.  A portion of MKHSTRY’s profits will go to Little Free Libraries, a nationwide initiative to create access for future historians by bringing books and education to local communities through small, personalized, pop-up libraries across the nation.

As part of its unconventional launch strategy, look for the MKHSTRY “Reverse History” tour that will include grass roots presentations in four separate locations on March 31st-April 7th.

Welcome to the “Brave New World” of Marketing.  Why work with/for just any agency or group…when you can MKHSTRY?

To register for consideration: Contact bravery@mkhstry.com 

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